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Ugly But Delicious Comise Pears!!

Hello there, fancy pear. Comice is an uber-sweet pear that bursts with juice and has a silky finish. Its rich flavor means you don’t have to eat anything else for dessert. Since it’s SO juicy, it’s best to just devour this pear on its own. Comice was first cultivated in the mid-1800s near Angers, France and was given the formal name, Doyennè du Comice. Realizing that name was a mouthful, the name was shortened to the well-known Comice. The first red sports were discovered growing in orchards near Medford, Oregon in the 1900s. This week's delivery includes: - Super Sweet Juicy Page Mandarins - Ugly but Delicious Comise Pears - Pink Pearl Apples - Crisp Blueberries - Grape Tomatoes - Rainforest Alliance-Certified Bananas.

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