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We at Market Fresh Fruit are sending healthy positive vibes your way during this difficult time. As we begin to see small flickers of light at the end of this challenging tunnel we are doing everything possible to keep healthy food options available on the frontlines of this pandemic. Molly and I have gassed up the delivery van and are delivering to essential businesses and medical teams at Harborview and Evergreen Medical Centers.

And we added home and gift fruit delivery service starting at $29 for 24x servings/pieces and four different fruit varieties. These will be delivered on Fridays only. If you're interested send me an email to for details.

This week's deliveries include:

- Crimson Delight apples

- Raspberry basket

- Minneola Tangelos/ Naval oranges

- Crisp sweet green grapes

- Tango Murcott mandarins

- Rainforest- Alliance certified banana

The following hygiene steps have been deployed:

- Upon arriving at work all employees will wash their hands vigorously under hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds, and after breaks before returning to the work line.

- All packing surfaces will be disinfected with a Clorox bleach spray, along with doorknobs, light switches, bathroom and break areas, etc.

- Employees will wear latex gloves and masks while examining and packing fruit.

- Employees will wear gloves while making fruit deliveries.

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