Is Sugar In Fruit Bad For You?

A crop of new fad diets, such as paleo, keto, carnivore and pegan — have convinced a lot of people that fruit is a dietary no-no. Some making making claims like “fruit is bad for you” or “fruit is toxic." It’s true that whole fruit contains sugar, but it is natural sugar. The sugar we would be wise to limit is added sugar, found in regular soda and many highly processed foods. When you eat an apple, a pear, a peach or some berries, their sugar comes wrapped in a fiber-rich, water-rich, nutrient-rich package. That fiber slows the release of fruit’s natural sugar into your bloodstream, preventing a sugar spike, especially if you eat your fruit as part of a meal or snack that contains protein

For The Ones That Get Things Done!

This week is Administrative Professionals Week! A time to recognize our special customers that "Make Things Happen!" These are typically the unsung heroes, behind the scenes, that make the company...SHINE! The ones that go above and beyond their duties, wearing many different hats, and juggling multiple responsibilities that make us go, WOW! In celebration of these special people, we've included TULIPS from the Skagit Valley as a thank you for all you do. Have a great week! This week's delivery includes: Song Hey Double Happiness Navel Oranges Timco Large Red Grapes a Basket of Organic Dates Organic Mandarins Washington Extra Fancy Premium Pink Lady Apples Rainforest Alliance-Cert

9 Health Benefits of Oranges Backed By Science

The orange is both a literal and symbolic embodiment of the sun, from whose light it is formed and vibrantly emanates. As a whole food, it irradiates us with a spectrum of healing properties, the most prominent of which some call "vitamin C activity," but which is not reducible to the chemical skeleton known as 'ascorbic acid.' Science now confirms the orange has a broad range of medicinal properties, which is why the ancients knew it both as a food and medicine. As our increasingly overdiagnosed and overmedicated population leaps lemming-like over the cliff of pharmaceutically-driven conventional medicine, with most drugs carrying a dozen or more adverse side effects for every benefit adver

Spring Clean Your Health Routine

Use the change in season as your cue to make some mental and physical shifts. Here are some ideas for dusting off your health and wellness routines just in time for spring. 1. PUT YOURSELF ON YOUR TO-DO LIST When you’re always putting other people’s needs ahead of your own, your performance as a parent, professional and leader can suffer. Put your oxygen mask on first! 2. JUST GET OUTSIDE It’s smart to get a small amount of unprotected sun exposure — say 10 minutes a day (apply sunscreen after that) — in order to let your body produce Vitamin D which is linked to helping prevent everything from osteoporosis, to heart disease and certain types of cancer. And no one can argue the fact that

What's up, Doc?!

With Easter right around the corner, we thought we would mix things up this week with Organic Rainbow Baby Carrots. The carrot (Daucus carota) is a root vegetable that is often claimed to be the perfect health food. It is crunchy, tasty and highly nutritious. Carrots are a particularly good source of beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants. Carrots have a number of health benefits. They are a weight loss friendly food and have been linked to lower cholesterol levels and improved eye health. The carotene antioxidants in them have also been linked to reduced risk of cancer. They are found in many colors, including yellow, white, orange, red and purple. The traditional or

Spring has Sprung at The Pike Place Market!

We must admit we get a little giddy around The Pike Place Market in the Spring. So many scrumptious fruits budding across the state that we can hardly contain ourselves. Every day we're taste-testing new and delicious fruit throughout the market. Once we believe it has reached its peak of ripeness, we personally curate for your next office fruit delivery. So get your taste buds ready for a plethora of delicious fresh fruit this Spring! And to help welcome the arrival of Spring, this week's deliveries include a free and very tight bouquet of Skagit Valley daffodils that will pop open in the office. Floral therapy is the budding new trend. Flowers have the power to enhance our quality

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