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February is Refer a Friend Month!

Our customers are our best advocates and in the month of February, we are showing our appreciation with $50 gift cards! Here's how it works:

  1. Share this link ( with friends, family, colleagues, or teams within your organization that you feel could benefit from our office fruit delivery.

  2. We'll bring your referral $50 worth of guaranteed delicious fruit for a taste-testing session.

  3. If they sign-up for ANY of our plans, you receive a $50 gift card of your choice!

It's that easy. Nothing is better than receiving gift cards for spreading the health to others! In this week's delivery enjoy: - Navel oranges (Booth Ranch premium) - Red grapes - Stem and Leaf Murcott mandarins - Pink Lady apples (WAXF top grade) - Rainforest-Alliance certified bananas We thank you for your continued support!! Tom

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