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"Fresh Fruit Friday" grocery report

Every year I personally buy and deliver over 300,000 pounds of fruit for you, my office customers. Every week I shop hard, seeking out just the best fruit at the breaking point of ripeness. And I want to share my fruit expertise with you. Healthy snacking is a lifestyle. So I want to help you eat healthy everywhere and not just at work. Here's my "Fresh Fruit Friday" tip for your family grocery list. Choose the smaller "Sesame" Mandarins (5-stars on the left in this photo) over the larger Satsumas from California. The Mandarins are AMAZING! They are firm, super sweet and have a very bright color and citrus taste. Your kids will smile and ask for more. On the right of this photo are the new crop of Satsumas (1-star). They are a bust. They are soft and slightly bitter compared to the Mandarins. Early fruit often lacks flavor and is to be avoided. The Mandarins were packed on October 17th and flown "Jet Fresh" up from Chile. I know what you're can these beat the California fruit? Trust me when I say the Mandarins on the left will make you smile too.

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