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New Year, New Me!

Happy New Year from all of us at Market Fresh Fruit. In the spirit of a "new year, new me" we thought we would provide a few helpful hints for taking care of your "self" in 2020. Here's to you!!

1. Give Back to Family an:d Friends

Family and friends are the backbones of our support system. Give love to your circle and you’ll see it circle back stronger. Did you know that showing love attracts others to you and invites positivity to enter your life? We challenge you to stay on top of loving those close to you!

2. Pick Up a New Skill

Be kind to yourself and learn something new. Learning rewires your brain to be more creative while also enhancing your ability to focus — a gift to yourself! As you master a new skill, you build your imagination. This increases your memory storage and ability to regulate emotions. With a new skill under your belt, you’ll be excited to conquer more and feel a burst in energy. What new skills will you be gifting to yourself?

3. Gift Gratitude to Colleagues and Inspiring People

If you’ve heard the saying “what goes around comes around,” you know spreading generosity doesn’t stop at family and friends. Acquired talents are built from the teams you surround yourself with. Expressing a sign of thanks is small but it benefits the giver, receiver and entire organization. Use this calendar to routinely give thanks where credit is due.

4. Invest in Yourself

No money necessary! Investing in yourself is being kind to yourself. You can do this by expanding your knowledge, caring for your body and cultivating your mental health. To kick off your investment, here are some ideas:

- Read a new book

- Discover a constructive podcast

- Fuel your body with nutritious foods

- Take vitamins

- Journal your thoughts

- Reach out to someone

Overall, do more things that push you towards feeling exquisite, it’s a big self hug.

Included in this week's delivery:

- "SUGARONE" green grapes

- Booth Ranch premium Navel oranges

- Braeburn apples

- Blueberry baskets

- "Halo" mandarins

- Rainforest-Alliance certified bananas

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