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What's the Buzz with Opal Apples?

  • Crispy, Flavorful & Sweet.

These sunny fruits are like no other! Opals are beautifully bright yellow with a distinctively crunchy texture, floral aroma and a sweet, tangy flavor.

  • Naturally Non-Browning.

Opal® apples won't brown after cutting. So an Opal a day will keep your salads - and your kids' lunch boxes - crisp and fresh!

  • Non-GMO.

Opal® apples are Non-GMO Project verified. They are the first U.S. apple variety to be verified by the Non-GMO Project, the only independent verification in North America for non-GMO food.

Opal apples are grown exclusively at Broetje Orchards in Southeastern Washington State. This is the only orchard in the United States that grows Opals, making this variety extremely unique!

Broetje Orchards is a recognized leader in the apple industry, and for over 35 years has been one of the largest privately owned apple orchards in the United States with more than 10,000 acres of apples and cherries.

The company’s acreage includes approximately 5,000 contiguous acres near Prescott, 625 in Benton City and another 550 devoted to certified organic fruit production in Wallula, WA. Their orchard near Prescott is actually the largest contiguous orchard in the United States!

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