Come With Us To A Time Before Man!

Come with us now to a time before man, when the river flowed through a new-born world and giants, and walked the earth. Welcome to Jurassic Park at Universal Studios in Hollywood - opening this weekend. The Ride is known for the almost 26 meter (85 feet) plunge near the end of the ride. But, that was just our teaser for the delicious Dinosaur Egg we call "The Dapple Dany Pluot!" - a sweet cross between an apricot and a plum, hence its name, a combination of the words "plum" and "apricot." This delectable and somewhat exotic large freestone fruit is essentially a mix of ¾ plum and ¼ apricot, with all the sweet juiciness one might expect from such a delightful combination. The fruit's ex

The Game Changers Movie - Big Thumbs up!

We don't often comment about the movie industry, but we are excited for the upcoming athlete-packed, plant-based diet documentary, The Game Changers. Premiering next month on 9/16/19 - here is a quick overview from SI. It's a new era for veganism. From Kyrie Irving to former NFL lineman David Carter, more and more athletes are beginning to rely on a plant-based diet for improved performance, whether it's for a brief stint in the off-season or a full lifestyle transition. The new documentary The Game Changers explores the impact a plant-based diet has on athletic achievements, endurance and overall health and wellness. The film, which is directed by Oscar-winner Louie Psihoyos, and produced

A Showy 3" Diameter Fruit

With Summer in full swing, ripe and delicious fruit just keeps coming! This week we have taste-tested and approved delivery of tasty Coral Star Yellow Peaches. The showy 3” diameter fruit displays a 75% orange-red blush and flesh...that you might not want to take a bite. But, that would be a mistake because it is a deliciously sweet and firm freestone Peach that will have you salivating from the first scent of its sweet aroma! Coral Star Yellow Peaches mature in late July and keep on maturing for the next few weeks giving us a longer selection period. Even better, they're easy to grow and keeps well when cooled. Did you know? Peach trees need full sun and a layout that allows good natural a

Supreme Sweetness in a Gorgeous Fruit

Pluots are one of the best fruit tastes in all the world. In a field of amazingly sweet fruits, Flavor Supreme Pluot rises to the top with award after award for its taste. Honestly, it's like picking a winning diamond from a field of diamonds. You can't go wrong with any Pluot, but you will be very happy with the Supreme. It's gorgeous fruit, with smooth, dragon's green skin and firm, juicy wine-red flesh. But don't let the look fool you. These Pluots marry the best of both Plums and Apricots and this variety brings out the sweetest taste imaginable. The tree itself has a classic shape and beautiful Japanese Plum-like leaves. It makes a pretty landscape tree in your yard. A pretty tree with

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