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Spring has Sprung at The Pike Place Market!

We must admit we get a little giddy around The Pike Place Market in the Spring. So many scrumptious fruits budding across the state that we can hardly contain ourselves. Every day we're taste-testing new and delicious fruit throughout the market. Once we believe it has reached its peak of ripeness, we personally curate for your next office fruit delivery. So get your taste buds ready for a plethora of delicious fresh fruit this Spring! And to help welcome the arrival of Spring, this week's deliveries include a free and very tight bouquet of Skagit Valley daffodils that will pop open in the office. Floral therapy is the budding new trend. Flowers have the power to enhance our quality of life, instantly transform interiors, and perfume a room with beautiful natural fragrances. Enjoy! This week's delivery includes: - Crisp Thompson Seedless Green Grapes - Washington Extra Fancy Pick Lady Apples - Golden Nugget Mandarins - Super-tart Black Plums - Rainforest Alliance-Certified Bananas

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