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Refresh Yourself in 2020 by Creating a New Habit!

I read a great article this week by Jason Riis about starting habits around eating fruit and vegetables and thought I would share!

When something is a habit, it’s easy to do. That’s because habits are automatic behaviors – things we do without even thinking about it.

Habits are better than goals for changing behavior, yet for New Year’s resolutions, people usually just state their goals – “I’ll eat more vegetables.” What if people resolved to create habits, instead?

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” Those are wise words from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits. Habits are internal systems. And they drive what we do, in a way that goals simply don’t.

How do we create habits? It goes something like this:

- Pick a simple behavior (e.g., when you start your day, pack carrots to bring with you)

- Pick a time and a place (e.g., your kitchen, after you brush your teeth in the morning)

- Repeat the heck out of that behavior at that time and place (this is effortful, at first)

- Enjoy a reward when you do it (e.g., breakfast, a nice shower, or just a moment of pride)

Gradually, the behavior becomes more automatic. You just do it, without really deciding to do it. Eventually, you have a habit to pack carrots at the beginning of the day.

What is a fruit and vegetable habit?

So, our New Year’s resolution does not focus on the what: Eating fruits and veggies. Instead, it focuses on the how: Eating some fruits and veggies effortlessly. It will become effortless because you will be creating an “internal system” – an automatic association between getting to the kitchen in the morning and packing fruits and veggies for the day...or have them delivered to your office!

This week's delivery includes:

- Super sweet ripe Concorde pears

- Cutie mandarins

- Organic Gala apples

- Stem & Leaf Satsumas

- Raspberry basket

- Rainforest-Alliance certified bananas

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