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Super Crunchy and Sweet Seckel Pears!

Be sure to try this week's small Seckel pears. So small, that if you've ever seen one, you probably dismissed it, said it looks unsubstantial, decorative, or maybe just thought it a cute little novelty like a tiny salt and pepper shaker. If you've ever tasted one though, you'd remember it.

The Seckel pear is believed to be the only truly American pear that is currently commercially grown. While it's history remains somewhat mysterious, the general consensus is that this delightful little pear is a hybrid of Asian and European pears. It gets its name from the Pennsylvanian farmer who discovered it around 1820, as a wild seedling rather than a European cultivar. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “good things come in small packages”, nothing could be a more fitting description for the Seckel pear. These sweet, almost desert quality pears are pure joy in that first bite; the second and the third bites leave you only wanting more.

Their petite size, thin skin and smooth juicy flesh make them the perfect afternoon snack. Like most pears, the Seckel ripens fully after its been harvested. A perfectly ripe Seckel pear should yield a little under gentle thumb pressure around the base of the stem, while remaining firm around the middle fatter area of the fruit.

Also included in this week's delivery:

- Navel oranges

- Blueberry basket

- Pink Lady apples

- WAXF top grade

- Organic Bartlett pears from Oregon

- Rainforest- Alliance certified bananas

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