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The Game Changers Movie - Big Thumbs up!

We don't often comment about the movie industry, but we are excited for the upcoming athlete-packed, plant-based diet documentary, The Game Changers. Premiering next month on 9/16/19 - here is a quick overview from SI.

It's a new era for veganism. From Kyrie Irving to former NFL lineman David Carter, more and more athletes are beginning to rely on a plant-based diet for improved performance, whether it's for a brief stint in the off-season or a full lifestyle transition. The new documentary The Game Changers explores the impact a plant-based diet has on athletic achievements, endurance and overall health and wellness. The film, which is directed by Oscar-winner Louie Psihoyos, and produced by James Cameron (who’s been on a vegan diet for years), is the project of MMA fighter and Ultimate Fighter winner James Wilks.

Throughout the film, Wilks serves as the narrator who attempts to tie all the stories together as he talks to athletes across all different sports, from two-time surfing champion Tia Blanco to record-holding Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris, along with many medical professionals, such as Dr. James Loomis, the former team physician for the St. Louis Rams and Cardinals. The result is an in-depth look at why a plant-based diet is so important to each of these athletes' own tales of success, while also taking a critical look at the meat industry and the myths it continues to perpetuate. The film itself is a bit scattered—in trying to cover so much ground, it sometimes feels as though the story itself is all over the place, and some of the points it makes (like the societal pressure on men to eat meat as a reflection of their manhood) are much stronger than others. Still, the film sheds light on a lifestyle that is becoming more and more popular among elite athletes.

Check-out the trailer at:

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