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Supreme Sweetness in a Gorgeous Fruit

Pluots are one of the best fruit tastes in all the world. In a field of amazingly sweet fruits, Flavor Supreme Pluot rises to the top with award after award for its taste. Honestly, it's like picking a winning diamond from a field of diamonds. You can't go wrong with any Pluot, but you will be very happy with the Supreme.

It's gorgeous fruit, with smooth, dragon's green skin and firm, juicy wine-red flesh. But don't let the look fool you. These Pluots marry the best of both Plums and Apricots and this variety brings out the sweetest taste imaginable.

The tree itself has a classic shape and beautiful Japanese Plum-like leaves. It makes a pretty landscape tree in your yard. A pretty tree with a bonus - you'll have plenty of nutritious fruit to eat and share with your lucky friends and neighbors.

Also included in this week's delivery:

- Sweetheart Variety Cherries - Pristine Green Grapes - Washington Extra Fancy Fuji Apples - Rainforest Alliance-certified Bananas

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