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Super Sweet Page Mandarins!

Page Mandarins are a cross between Minneola tangelo and Clementine mandarin made by Gardner and Bellows of the U.S.D.A. in 1942. Page was officially released as an orange, but technically speaking the variety is a tangelo hybrid since its parentage is three-fourths mandarin and one-fourth grapefruit.

The difference in mandarins is hard to detect. A lot of them look the same to the naked eye. But once you start working with them more and tasting all that there is becomes easier. The Page mandarin has a circle at the bottom of most specimens. It is very round with a darker orange colored skin. Enjoy!

This week's delivery:

- Super sweet juicy Page Mandarins - Pink Pearl apples - Stem and Leaf Satsumas - Autumn King Green Grapes - Rainforest Alliance-Certified Bananas.

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