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Get Your Summer Flare For $29 Dollars!

Summer Flare trees produce some of the largest and juiciest nectarines. Rich in flavor, they're often solid red with hardly a streak of yellow in the skin. A clingstone, the Summer Flare is an ideal variety to bite right into and eat out of hand. Or slice one up and share with your office mates.

I've included more Flavor Grenade pluots. This pluot has an oblong shape, is overall a light green-yellow with dark blushing tones of red and burgundy. The inner flesh is very crisp and offers a superior honey-like flavor with hints of citrus. And they'll keep very well in your office refrigerator. You'll also feast on crisp red Flame grapes, Jazz or Gala apples, Skagit County blueberries and Rainforest Alliance certified bananas.

Announcing our $29 delivery for small offices! In a small office everyone's contributions are magnified. I want all office workers to enjoy delicious, healthy fruit at work. So I've added in a 24 serving/piece delivery of apples, bananas and one other seasonal fruit to our mix. Let your friend at a small 3 to 7 person office know we can help them eat healthy!

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