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Fruitful Fodder - Sep. 29

Hi there, and welcome to inaugural edition of The Market Fresh "Fruitful Fodder for the Office." Every week, we'll round up the best articles, tips, guides and events for office admins, EA's and other team members to enjoy and benefit from. In fact, you are encouraged to share these with your favorite coworkers, and least favorite ones, too.

Our hope is to add some happiness, spice and prosperity to your work life with these links. Let's jump right in:

If you don't already know, Eater is the foremost authority on where to eat if you want to look and feel cool. For every major city, Eater publishes their "Essential 38" restaurants to eat when you're there. This is Seattle's – have you been to any? If not, take your client and close a deal!

(We suggest Matt's in the Market - our neighbor at Pike Place!)

Darn, science! According to this writer at Inc, and the studies he pulls from, open floor plans in offices don't do the company any good from a productivity standpoint. After reading, it's not hard to see why.

Hey, it's OK. Not everyone can be a Michelin Star chef, or Chef Boyardee for that matter. But with these tips, you can l0ok like the former at your next office potluck.

If you didn't know about these views, even if you've lived here your whole life, no sweat. That's why we're including it in this blog post. Your mission: Pick one of these spots and visit this weekend!

Despite them all looking the same, not all keyboards are created equal. This collection of hardcore keyboards for serious typists from PM will show you a whole new world for your QWERTY needs. Highly recommended read for all admins who type 'til they can't type anymore.


Thanks for reading this edition of The Market Fresh Fruitful Fodder – we'll see you next week with a fresh batch of reads, pics and tips.

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