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Cherries and Mandarins: How To Store Fruit in Winter in the Office

We take a break this week from Tucker Farm Satsuma's for some firm and sweet snack-size mandarins. They pack a good sweetness but are hard to peel, so you'll need a knife to slice them into delicious and good for you pieces. Think of them as Mother Nature's flu shot. I found good red cherries to add this week. And included are a few "ugly Holiday pears" that will get sweeter as you let them sit a day or two at your office. You'll also find some WAXF premium "Aurora Gold" and "Pink Lady" apples and our green-tip bananas. Holiday Delivery Schedule The last fruit delivery of the year will be on Tuesday, December 21st. We are closed through the holidays and will restart service on Tuesday, January 3rd. Storage Recommendations Winter offices are by necessity hotter and drier, and fruit left out with no refrigeration will degrade rapidly. We strongly suggest all fruit, with the exception of bananas and pears, remain chilled before each days fruit quotient is deployed.

Until next time,

Tom O'Connor

Owner at Market Fresh Fruit

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