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The Best Lunch Specials Near Your Office (Seattle Edition)

When you get less than an hour for a lunch break, and forget to pack your lunch, and you've got to make the most out of it. That means not waiting in long lines with the rest of the 12:30-1:15 crowd, and not spending a fortune on grub every day. If you're tired of the line at the popular sandwich chain, and UberEats is slowly killing your bank account, then knowing where the best deals on lunch near your office could be a major play.

We did the work for you and rounded up the best lunch specials in Seattle for busy downtown workers in need of a new go-to lunch spot that won't leave them running back to the office. Here are the best, low-key deals in your neighborhood (we'll keep updating, too!)

1. Umma's Lunch Box (Downtown)

A novel and delicious lunchtime concept in downtown / Queen Anne. Umma's Lunch Box (ULB) offers a veritable variety of Asian, primarily Korean, favorites. Akin to the pay-by-weight format you see at salad bars ala Whole Foods, ULB employs a pay-by-container format that let's you plan the menu of your Asian food dreams.

The move: Visit after 2:30 to take advantage of an amazing late lunch deal, especially if you're super hungry and/or just love great deals. Pile it on!

2. A Pizza Mart (Bell Town)

Did you know that this Bell Town late night favorite is also a happy hour and late lunch time power play? With $5 specials including Cheesy Bread and caesar salads, you're sure to leave full, especially if you grab an $8 two-topping small pizza. Keep in mind, this is a bar, so you can grab a good beer at a great price, but maybe no while you're on the clock.

The move: Call ahead and put your pizza order in on your way to the spot. By the time you get there, your pie will be done, and you just saved yourself 10-12 minutes 😎

This is a Mexican lunchtime favorite in Capitol Hill, and for good reason! The food prices are perfect and it's great for bringing a coworker or three out of the office and trading weekend stories. Binge on the complimentary chips and salsa, maybe a Margarita if it's Friday, and try to eat all the food on your plate, if you can. The portions make it hard to do so at lunch!

The move: Try to get there near opening, between 12-12:30 if you don't have a lot of time to spend at lunch, but still want to sit and enjoy the ambience.

4. Julie's Garden (Pioneer Square)

There is an abundance of incredible eateries only open for lunch to try in Pioneer Square. If you don't want to spend your break in line at Il Corvo, and have had too many Tat's steak sandwiches in 2017 than you'd care to report, then save yourself a trip to the ID and get acquainted with the delectable Chinese and Vietnamese lunch specials at Julie's Garden.

Don't expect Tom Douglas-level fare, but do expect to gain a new fave spot when your lunch break craving calls for saucy, comfortable Asian entrees.

The move: For less than $8, you'll leave full–lunch specials come with a cup of soup, an egg roll, rice and an entree (chicken, pork, beef and vegetarian) according to a top Yelp Review.

5. The Great NW Soup Company (South Lake Union)

Sorry in advance to any Amazon, Microsoft Ventures or SLU office warrior who has tried their best to keep this lunch spot on the DL. We'd like to introduce you to SLU's best kept lunch secret, especially on a cold Seattle day.

This unassuming, nary busy soup and deli is located next door to Microsoft Venture's shared space in SLU. When you walk in, you'll say hello to a massive wall of potential sandwiches to quell your lunchtime hunger. The real attraction is the rotating selection of savory soups, ranging from the stapled African peanut soup and–if you're lucky enough to catch it–the garlic, asparagus and spinach soup.

The move: Visit from 2-3 and get half off all soup! Get the half sandwich and soup combo anytime for the best value.

6. Queen Bee Cafe (Queen Anne)

Meet the Crumpwich: The crumpet sandwich you never knew you needed, but will never forget once you try it. You'll find these delicious crumpet goodies at the Queen Bee Cafe, including the Jerk Chicken, BLT and Pork Cubano crumpwiches. In addition to great sandwiches, you'll also be tempted by their selection of sweet crumpet creations.

There's lots of free parking too, which is perfect for those who don't use an ORCA card to get to work and reckon the walk just far enough to drive.

The move: Try the most attractive sounding crumpwhich on the menu (to you) with a side of fresh cut fruit. The coffee is also top flight!

7. Flame Cafe (Pioneer Square)

This is a long time breakfast and lunch favorite for workers in Pioneer Square (conveniently located near Pioneer Square Station). If you're someone who digs simple, cheap and accessible grub, you've got to add Flame Cafe to your list of morning and early-lunch favorites. The line here moves quickly, the items priced very reasonably, all thanks to the no-frills simplicity of this convenient little cafe.

The move: The $4.95 "breakfast" special will earn you a delicious breakfast entree (such as the Denver Scramble Wrap) with hash browns and a drink. Or for a heavier meal, the bacon cheeseburger with tots and a drink lands in under $10!

Your Break Room

Knowing your go-to lunch spots is important, but what about when the hunger pangs hit at any other hour than your lunch break? Constantly snacking on chips from Costco and candy from last Halloween will keep you and your coworkers on their way to conquering their fitness goals.

We can help you or a friend eat healthy at work with fresh fruit deliveries at the office. Try us free, no strings attached. Sign up now! Or click the photo of our owner Tom O'Connor below.


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