Six Easy Hacks For Staying Healthy At Work

We get it–it’s hard to keep up healthy habits at the office when work forces you and your team to keep up with a steady workload. But don’t fret! We’ve compiled the six hottest hacks and tips that top workers in Seattle and Bellevue use to stay on top of their game.


Yes, coffee does run the office, but water runs your life! Remaining well-hydrated is vital to maintaining a healthy energy level, boosting productivity, and taking care of your overall health. Maintaining good hydration promotes clear thinking and alertness that is always scarce midday at the office. Bring a water bottle or similar receptacle that you’ll love to fill. The walk to-and-from the water cooler will be a nice bonus.


Believe this: An average working desk has more bacteria on it than a toilet seat! Eating lunch at your desk doesn’t help this fact, so first off, try to fill up elsewhere when you can. The biggest desk-saving tip: Keep disinfectant wipes nearby and give your area a good wipe down at least once a week, if not daily before you head home each night!


One of the most overlooked ways to remain healthy at work is by washing your hands properly and frequently. Yes, sounds obvious, but unfortunately this fact is often ignored (if not by you, by your coworkers!) Ensure that you wash your hands before eating, after coughing or sneezing, and after using the restroom. Here are the best ways to keep your hands clean throughout the day via The Mayo Clinic.


This isn’t Shanghai or LA–it’s Washington–so don’t take the clean air for granted! The air has more Even when work is very busy, it is crucial that you take some time to cool off from the stress of your workplace and regroup. Revitalize your mindset by taking a walk around your downtown, outside your office building, or nearby. When you come back to your desk, you’ll feel ready to get back to business.


Here in Seattle, we love our coffee, and as a result we must always remind ourselves to practice moderation, or else. In order to prevent a caffeine crash later, try drinking a tall glass of water before you drink your next cup. If anything, this will help you sip the cup slower, instead of chugging it down. Taking coffee with less sugar and creamer is another easy way to make sure you feel good longer throughout the day without the crash.


Eating healthy at work is nearly impossible if temptation lurks inside every break room cabinet and drawer. It’s time to take charge and do without last Halloween’s candy and the chips from three catered lunches ago. Fruit is the best and easiest way to promote health and wellness in the office and feel great doing it–whether it’s just you, or your whole team.

If you work in Seattle or beyond (yes, even the Eastside), join 150 offices getting fresh fruit delivered to work! Sign your office up for $50 worth of fresh fruit right now. No charge, no strings! 🙌✨🍎

Until next time,

Tom O'Connor

Owner of Market Fresh Fruit

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