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#FarmToDesk: Why and Where We Pick Our Fruit

Our Farm-to-Desk program supports local, sustainable farmers with whom we foster long-term relationships with, and provides our office customers with the freshest and most delicious fruit possible.

When we don't make a visit ourselves, the farm picks our order on Friday mornings and delivers the freshest fruit, at the breaking point of ripeness, to our industrial cooler that same day, where we begin our four-point inspection process. Only the best pieces make it to your office every week. (We proudly deliver fruit we don't deliver to the Ballard Food Bank.)

Learn more about some of our favorite farms and orchards here in WA:

Magana Farms - 📍 Sunnyside, WA Tobias Magana grew up in a family of farm workers in his native country of Mexico. When he moved to America in the 70's, he found work on farms in Yakima picking apples. Today, Tobias and his family (including eight children) all help on their 27-acre farm in Sunnyside, WA. There, the hot sun helps grow many different tree fruit on his farm: cherries, peaches, nectarines and apples. If you ever see specialty fruits like donut apricots or elephant plums, they're likely from Magana Farms!

Magana Farms in Sunnyside, WA

Sauk Farm - 📍 Concrete, WA Located in eastern Skagit County, Sauk Farm is the ideal site for organic farming practices. Periodic floods have shaped the soil into a rich and dense growing medium, packed with nutrients and humming with life. Sauk Farm grows apples, grapes, assorted tree fruit, and honey. Operations Manager Griffin Berger and his father are committed to producing organic crops in a sustainable manner that also improves the land.

Griff Berger, Operations Manager at Sauk Farms

Sidhu Farms - 📍 Puyallup, WA

Our favorite berries come from a small family-run berry farm in the heart of the Puyallup Valley. Sidhu Farms is less than an hour south of Seattle and grows certified organic blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, marionberries and boysenberries. In 2017 they will be adding tayberries, loganberries, red and black currants as well as gooseberries.

Lots of Sidhu Berries!

Tiny's Organics - 📍 East Wenatchee, WA Yes, our owner Tom O’Connor even drives to East Wenatchee if it means getting the stuff our customers love. Tiny's orchards grow marvelous organic fruit, some of the best in the area: peaches, nectarines, apples, pluots and pears. We are always amazed by the consistent excellent flavor and sweetness of their fruit. And if you may recognize their hot apple cider tents that offer

100% organic liquid comfort to many at Pike Place Market during the colder months.

Tiny Organics at Pike Place Market

Tuk Muk Farm - 📍 Woodinville, WA Farmer Shawn Miller is a new addition this year to our Farm-To-Desk lineup. He's a recent grad of the Sustainable Agriculture Program at Seattle Central. Located in the Sammamish Valley, Shawn and his partner Kelly farm 100% organic vegetables and fruits on 13 acres of land. We look forward to their upcoming crop of organic blueberries.

Tuk Muk Farms


If it's fresh and delicious in Washington, we're picking it for over 150+ offices in Seattle and the east side. If you want to the freshest fruit at work every week, visit us and claim $50 worth of free fruit delivered to your office, no strings attached!


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