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4 Reasons Top Offices Get Fruit Delivered At Work

Fruit at work isn't just a smart idea – it's a delicious and affordable way to keep your team happy, energized and productive. Over 150 offices in Seattle and Bellevue choose to power their teams with fresh fruit (from us 🙌 ). Here are a few big reasons why:

1. Engagement

Say "I do!" a more energized team 😊

Healthy teams are happy ones. When our deliveries arrive at Seattle and Bellevue-area offices, we often see team members rejoice at the sight of delicious fruit to kick off a big work week. Fresh, taste-tested and hand chosen fruits show your team that you care about their health and wellness. They'll love you for it, take the credit 🤗

2. Improved Productivity

Delicious, grab-and-go fruit choices keep your team close by and focused.

3. Big savings

Fruit at work saves loads of time and money, in ways you wouldn't expect!

Office managers and admins keep the office together. These team members are much more valuable at the office than they are running around Costco for random snacks, or even trying to pick fruit. We work with admins and office managers to bring the right amount of fruit for your team, and can easily adjust based on increased interest or fruit preferences. Our expert pickers taste-test every batch of fruit to guarantee delicious deliveries.

Additionally, your business will reap the benefits tied to increased employee retention, and even insurance. Healthier employees make less insurance claims. Engaged employees stay longer at work longer, during the day and throughout a career.

4. We Make It Easy

We take care of the fruit so your team can work!

Let your team do what they do best–we'll power the efforts. Every week, we source the freshest picks from our network of orchards and farmers around WA to bring the tastiest and freshest picks for your team. The best part: It's all hands-off after the first order. Just open the door for us 😄 🍎 🚪

Try us free. Bring us in for a free fruit tasting: 20 minutes and $50 worth of fresh fruit for your team – no strings attached. Spots fill up fast. Click here to sign your team up today!


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