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So, Steena and Ebony Rose Walk into an Office...

As summer switches into high gear, so has our variety of fruit from The Pike Place Market. So much so...we added an extra fruit to this week's deliveries. Two standout fruits you'll want to try are Ebony Rose Plums and Steena Dark Red Cherries.

Ebony Rose Plum

"Ebony Rose" is a large reddish-black plum with very juicy, yellow flesh. Unlike most of the other Japanese varieties, its pit is "freestone," which means that it separates easily from the flesh. Most other Japanese plums are "clingstone," meaning the flesh clings to the pit. "Ebony Rose" is a midseason plum. Japanese plum trees thrive in the drier southern and Mediterranean-type climates, but trees of "Ebony Rose" were established to tolerate humid climates.

Steena Dark Red Cherry

As a general rule, the darker the cherry, the more intense the flavor. And while each variety offers a subtle taste difference, they also have varying growing seasons and ripening windows, allowing regional growers to harvest certain types at different times during the summer and the window just opened for Steena Dark Red Cherries!

A crossbreed between the Vans and Stella varieties, Steena Dark Red cherries can grow to up to 1 inch in size and are hardy, dark in color, and quite sweet. This type of sweet cherry ripens about two weeks after the Bing cherry and is only available for a short few-week window. Grab them if you can!

Also in this week's delivery:

- Organic Anjou Pears

- Rainier Cherries

- Sweet Tango apples

- Rainforest Alliance certified bananas

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