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Snow White Peaches To Die For!

I love it when I bite into one of the first great peaches of the season. It’s like running into an old good friend that you pick up right where you left off. The Snow White Peach is that kind of friend! Typically peaches disappear in the winter time, with the exception of some peaches from Chile, but I have yet to have a good peach shipped from that far away.

Snow White is an early season white peach that is clingstone (pit sticks to the flesh). It is the 2nd earliest white peach, after the Snow Angel peach, that we didn't love this year.

Their taste is low in acid, allowing for their natural sweetness to be more pronounced. The skin is fuzzy and creamy white in color with blushes of red and pink. When ripe and at room temperature, the fruit releases sweet aromatics. Like yellow-fleshed peaches and nectarines, the amount of red or pink tones in the skin will differ with each variety but has no bearing on the ripeness.

This week's delivery also includes:

- Local Apricots - Organic Red Grapes - Local Champagne Red Cherries - Washington Extra Fancy Premium Pink Lady Apples - Rainforest Alliance-Certified Bananas

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