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Timco Red Grapes from House Lannister Valley

The month of May is an exciting time of year at The Pike Place Market. New fruit is arriving daily and we are eagerly taste-testing to our heart's content. In the coming weeks, we will have a wide variety of fresh new fruits for your team.

Highlights include gorgeous Yakima Valley Champagne Cherries, delicious Stonefruit from Wenatchee, Kiwis from New Zealand, and luscious Yellow Beauty Plums.

This week's delivery features Timco Red Grapes from House Lannister Valley ;-).

Also, enjoy:

- Washington Extra Fancy Premium Opal Apples - Murcott Mandarins - Song Hay Double Happiness Navel Oranges - Washington Extra Fancy Premium Pink Lady Apples - Rainforest Alliance-Certified Bananas

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