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Peel the Red Juicy Flavor!

Grown in California's Sunny Central Valley, Ruby Tangos are a delicious natural cross between a Clemenules Mandarin and a Tarocco Blood Orange. The result is a beautiful, easy peeling fruit that tastes like no other - a tangy citrus with a splash of sweet berry flavor.

This week's delivery includes:

- Ruby Tango Mandarins - Washington Extra Fancy Opal Apples - Golden Nugget Mandarins - Crisp Red Grapes - Rainforest Alliance-Certified Bananas

Want to know where your midday office snack ranks?

According to this article from Ladders, your office “food altar” has a huge impact on the healthy choices you’re likely, or unlikely to make, during your work day. This is why it is so important to arm yourself and your team with nutritious snacks that will sustain everyone’s energy and productivity throughout the entire day at the office!

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