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The Tin Tang Theory!

It is the consensus of Florida horticulturists that the MURCOTT MANDARIN variety is a tangor of unknown origin resulting from the breeding program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The oldest known budded tree, from which the present commercial acreage largely if not entirely traces, still remains on the place formerly owned by a nurseryman, Charles Murcott Smith, in Bayview, Clearwater, Florida, and is thought to have been budded about 1922’ (Ziegler and Wolfe, 1961).

Under the name Honey Murcott, small-scale commercial propagation was undertaken in 1928. During the past decade, Murcott has been planted rather extensively in Florida. Typical of ‘ common mandarins’, Murcotts have thin rind, rather tightly adherent but readily peelable. The rind surface is smooth to slightly pebbled and the color is yellowish-orange at maturity. High sugar content combined with good acid level results in an intense, rich flavor.

This week's delivery includes:

- Tin Tang Brand Stem and Leaf Murcotts - Washington Extra Fancy Pink Lady Apples - Song Hay (Chinese for "Double Happiness") Navel Oranges - Sugarone Green Grapes - Rainforest Alliance-Certified Bananas.

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