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Oooh, Honey ... How About Those Tangerines?!

Oooh, about those Tangerines?! The Honey Tangerine is well-loved for its explosively sweet, “honeyed” taste. It may be the sweetest citrus we grow. It also makes gorgeous, deep-orange juice - almost the color of a pumpkin. You can't buy juice like this in stores.

This is a tangerine, so it's a bit smaller and squatter. Some years Honeys may be more golden, others more red-orange. The peel color varies with the weather. You may sometimes see a bit of green on the skin as well, due to climatic conditions.

Though much of the history of the Honey Tangerine is lost to the mists of time, it's thought that this variety originated with the USDA around 1916. It was then popularized by Charles Murcott Smith, who owned a nursery in Pinellas County, FL, in the 1920s. Smith gave the Honey Tangerine its other common name (Murcott orange).

This week's delivery includes:

- Honey Tangerines - Washington Extra Fancy Pink Lady Apples - Super Sweet Page Mandarins - Crisp Red Grapes - Rainforest Alliance-Certified Bananas.

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