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Citrus Trifecta!

We thought we would take advantage of the ripeness of citrus right now, by featuring three delicious oranges this week. Beautiful Song Hey "Double Happiness" Navel Oranges lead the delivery followed by two Mandarins - Stem and Leaf Satsumas and "Cutie" Little Mandarins. Mandarins are smaller and oblate, rather than spherical like the common oranges (which are a mandarin hybrid). The taste is considered less sour, as well as sweeter and stronger. A ripe mandarin is firm to slightly soft, heavy for its size, and pebbly-skinned. The peel is very thin, with very little bitter white mesocarp, so they are usually easier to peel and to split into segments. Hybrids generally have these traits to a lesser degree. Market Fresh Fruit Delivery for Week of 12/03/18 - "Cutie" Little Mandarins - Song Hey "Double Happiness" - Navels - Exclusive Market Fresh Fruit Christmas Pink Pearl Apples - Stem and Leaf Satsumas Mandarins - Rainforest Alliance Certified Green Tip Bananas.

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