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Special Heirloom Pink Pearl apples for Thanksgiving.

We have a beautiful sleeper of an heirloom apple in this week's $65 delivery. Pink Pearl apples are creamy yellow to green. Medium in size it is prized most for its delicate flesh, which is vivid pink to red in color. Highly aromatic the Pink Pearl has a balanced sweet-tart flavor with nuances of raspberries and grapefruit.

We bookend the Pink Pearls with one of our favorites, the Opal apple. They were first cultivated in the Czech Republic and are grown exclusively by Broetje Orchards in Walla Walla. A natural feature of this apple is that it doesn't brown after cutting.

The little Murcotts are filled with tangy-sweet citrus flavor. I liked them so much I included a passel this week. Also some large crunchy blueberries and Rainforest Alliance certified bananas. Our smaller $49 bags will see Ambrosia apples, Murcotts, crisp grapes and bananas.

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