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Ode to Opal

A slice, a bite of an Opal apple offers one, through their taste buds. a sensual existential opportunity. It's a moment of sweet repose... where you can become one with health and satiation. It's that exquisite moment of self-care and deep satisfaction with yourself and your relationship with the world. It's the experience of sweetness, plus unique flavor like lemonade but healthy, with a crisp juiciness that I believe might make Martha Stewart drool. Excuse me while I plow my teeth into another healthy, fleshy bite! Please forgive me folks my Opal digression, but they truly are that good. There's only six per delivery, so grab one before they're all gone. Or share one with a co-worker. You also have my excellent tiny Murcott mandarins, full of flavor and Vitamin C. And let's celebrate the crisp Gala apples. No second cousins to the Opal, they are crisp, sweet and super healthy for you. Try some organic dates with this week's $65 mix. Having been cultivated since 7000 BC, they contain minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium in a form that is easily accessible by your body. Better for you than any pill or supplement for natural diabetes management. Let's also celebrate the super sweet Red Holiday grapes. Health is delicious and so easy popping one or two of these juicy seedless pods to help fuel your strength through your workday, so you have more energy for family and friends at the end of your day. Actualize yourself every workday with Market Fresh Fruit - Curated Office Fruit.

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