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Wicked Good Fruit!

Halloween week has your Seattle area office team getting the best citrus of the season. These little mandarins pack a wallop of pure orange taste- crisp, tart-sweet and delicious. A great choice to help keep the flu away. The organic Concorde pears are in limited supply, but I got my hands on 35 cases this week. Concorde, along with Comice and Taylor' Gold pears, are sweet all through their season. You cannot go wrong buying one of these excellent varieties. I'll see if we can keep them in your office mix. The Sweetie apple sure lives up to its name. It is super sweet, crisp, and juicy. One of the sweetest apples I ever had. Plus you'll see the last organic Hiromi plums. And we finish our 6-pack of fruits this week with WAXF Gala apples and Rainforest Alliance Certified bananas.

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