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Two organic stone fruit and new Nikita apples

This week farmer MacGregor from Tiny's Organics turned me onto his Hiromi plums and Flavorich pluots. I like buying from him because he picks them just for us a day before we pack. When left to tree-ripen, you get a better fruit. They are sweet, crisp and not too juicy, and a real taste treat. I hope to keep them coming through the end of the month. The Nikita apple flesh is firm, white, and fragrant, and the texture is both crunchy and slightly effervescent. Nikitas have a balanced sweet and tart flavor. They are especially juicy, a trait reminiscent of their Gala parent. Although Nikitas look similar to their Jazz sibling, they have a more delicate flavor. You'll also see Cherub cherry tomatoes, Gala apples and, of course, our green-tip bananas. We ripen our bananas ourselves to make sure they are just right for eating today. For our $49 customers, you'll see apples, pluots, cherry tomatoes and bananas. Please let me know how I'm doing and have a good week!

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