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A medley of cherry tomatoes, pluots and Pence peaches.

Three excellent stone fruits and cherry tomato baskets. This week I found excellent cherry tomatoes (yes tomatoes are a fruit). I also bought amazing Purple Rose apriums, which are a variety of pluot. These are smaller and filled with juicy sweetness. Also have on hand some Flavor Grenade pluots that are firm and sweet. Did you know pluots keep for up to two weeks in your fridge? We will search out more pluot varieties through the rest of the summer. I also sourced three local favorites. You'll see Skagit blueberries and Pence Orchard yellow peaches, along with Wenatchee Jazz apples. And of course Rainforest Alliance certified bananas. Smaller orders will see Red plums and donut peaches. Let your friends know I'll bring $50 worth of delicious, healthy fruit to any Seattle office for free! Send them to so they can sign up for a 20 minute free fruit tasting session in their office.

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