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Amazing Tiny's Organics Nectarines and Pence Orchards Peaches!

At Market Fresh Fruit - Curated Office Fruit we are having a lot of fun taste-testing all the crazy good fruit now arriving in Seattle. Every week our stone fruit just keeps getting better. We located some wonderful nectarines and peaches for you from two well-known growers.

Farmer McPherson from Tiny's Organics called me this week to rave about his crop of new organic nectarines. I buy directly from Tiny's Organics whenever I'm able. I always like their fruit.

Six years ago he planted this "Western Sweet" variety, and now you get the benefit. These organic nectarines are firm yet juicy sweet. I hope to keep them in your fruit rotation for a few weeks.

Pence Orchards is a fourth-generation family farm in the lower Yakima Valley. Tree ripe peaches are the mainstay for owners Bert and Sharon Pence. Unlike most growers, Pence peaches are entirely tree-ripened and packed directly in the field. All this translates into a very flavorful and sweet summer treat for your office.

And the "Flavor Grenade" pluots will surely put a smile on your face. These beauties have a yellow-green flesh and medium juiciness, so less messy to eat at your desk and yet still filled with flavor. At your grocery store always look for firm pluots as they'll easily keep and stay delicious for up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator.

We round out this week with organic "Flavor Rich" pluots, "Jazz" apples and Rainforest Alliance certified bananas. Our $49 customers will see organic nectarines, donut peaches, baskets of cherry tomatoes and raspberries, "Jazz" apples and green-tip bananas.

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