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What's in this Week's Fruit Basket?!

Yakima Valley Champagne cherries, red plums, Satsumas, white peaches, Pink Lady apples and Rainforest Alliance Certified bananas.

Fresh and local is so much better. Wait until you try these Coral Champagne cherries. We took delivery of 320 pounds of these juicy beauties and included them in all office deliveries. Next week I'm hoping to buy 700 pounds of Rainier cherries. Plump, low-acid cherries are so good and more are on their way from our "Farm-to-Desk" program.

We contract directly with 7 different growers from Eastern WA and they pick for us when fruit is at the breaking point of ripeness. Old school. I work very hard to deliver the freshest, taste-tested fruit available.

Taste for yourself with our free fruit tasting session worth $50. Sign up at

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