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Ugly, Delicious Holiday Pears and more!

Ugly, Delicious Holiday Pears, Pink Lady Apples and Tucker Mandarins

This week's most excellent yet ugly Holiday pears, along with Taylor Gold's, are the sweetest and most flavorful pears you can buy. This week I found excellent-tasting Comice. Comice pears are the same as Harry and David "Christmas pears". Super-sweet, juicy and liked even by people who normally shy away from pears. So give them a try. You'll be glad you did.

I am happy to have again scored more of this year's "Tucker's Farm" Satsumas. They are the small one's with some good citrus tart sweetness. I'll be switching to stem and leaf Satsumas next week.

Super crunchy Pink Lady apples, along with Cameo apples some nice raspberry baskets and our green tip bananas round out the week. Thank you for choosing me as your fruit vendor.

And Happy Holidays!

Until next time,

Tom O'Connor

Owner at Market Fresh Fruit

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