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The Market Fresh Fruit


It all started at The Pike Place Market. At the time, before we existed, our owner Tom O'Connor worked in the trenches, offering fresh fruit samples to visitors from all around the world. Working for produce vendors, Tom began to learn the business of fruit, and specifically, how to pick the best, tastiest fruits for nearby office workers.

Almost 10 years later, Tom is still selling fruit, but not in the Market. Instead, he delivers to over 200 offices in downtown Seattle, Bellevue and beyond! 

In addition to the Market, Tom spends each week picking the freshest and tastiest fruits from local farms and orchardists state-wide! Tom personally taste-tests each batch he picks to ensure the best tasting fruit for our offices.

Use the gallery below to explore some of our favorites!

Today, we are proud to power hundreds of teams that know the benefits of eating healthy at work.

To learn more about how we pick, click here!

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