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to local:

  • ​Fire-Fighters

  • Police

  • Emergency techs

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Hospitals

  • Care facility staff

Join us and support our local



with curated fruit using preventive hygiene protocal


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Starting March 16th, anyone can tangibly support those who both keep you safe and also keep the lights on.  I’m talking about the First Responders” and “Mission Critical” people who are NOT self-quarantined at home. 


They are your police and fire-fighters, emergency techs, doctors, nurses, hospital and care facility staff.  We’re partnering with hospitals, food banks, and other organizations in the Seattle area to supply healthy fresh fruit to those on the frontlines of this pandemic.  These people are risking their safety to protect us.  We want to support their vital work and help keep them healthy by providing taste-tested delicious fresh fruit for them and their staff. 

We are adding hospital partners and regional charitable partners dynamically to address need on any given day. 


For every purchase of $1 = 2 servings of fruit will be sent to the people who need it most. 


Select from one of the eight donation levels below:


First Responder and Food Bank Fruit Donations

Note:  Identify your donation recipient (local first responder, mission critical team, or school meal plan) in the shipping information stage of your checkout process. 


If a donation recipient isn't identified, or is but at capacity, we'll allocate your donation to most needed resources at that time.